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What’s So Scary About A Media Planning And Buying Agency? Common Misconceptions That Spook SMEs This Halloween.

Deciding to use a media planning and buying agency can be a key step in how your business chooses to advertise, a decision that can often feel somewhat scary for small to medium enterprises.

With so many different advertising options to choose from, we understand that embryonic brands are unlikely to have the budget to spend heavy on The North West’s most sought after Out of Home sites.

Instead, a more strategic approach may be a targeted social media campaign using Facebook ads, or a radio campaign to make you locally famous.

Here at Buy Me Media We Believe In A Mixed Media Approach To Advertising.

With our in-house team having cemented 30 years’ experience working across the advertising paradigm, we pick apart the common misconceptions about agencies – and how not to be spooked by them this Halloween.

“Agencies re expensive”

Understandably a significant factor for business owners is the financial implications using an agency has on the company. Whilst the common misconception is that agencies will consult the most expensive option rather than the most successful, our strong relationships with media owners can acquire cost-effective prices rather than dealing directly with the owner, saving you money through negotiated rates.

media buying and planning agency

“Agencies don’t understand my business like I do”

Another apprehension about working with an agency can revolve around trust. Whilst smaller businesses may not have their own in-house marketing team, our agency will provide impartial advice that is tailored for each client we work with.

From our experience working with a wide-range of different sectors, from boxing promotion to car dealerships, one common factor of every businesses are the results. More importantly, an agency is effectively a business as well, and we will work harder than internal employees to ensure that you achieve maximum results on the campaigns we plan, buy, and assess.

“Agencies are time-consuming”

Managing advertising campaigns is a time-consuming process, time that is often valuable and stretched thinly for business owners. With agencies, a frighteningly familiar feeling is that time will be wasted with the campaign, rather than spending it successfully. Whether it be radio, Out of Home, social media or advertising in an airport, campaigns require time to generate results, as well as for both pre and post-campaign analysis. Our team can plan and prepare a campaign tailored to your individual needs, allowing you to spend that time more productively for your business.

Don’t let these agency misconceptions haunt you this Halloween – get in touch with Buy Me Media today for a free advertising audit and advice on how to plan your next campaign.