Despite the encouraging news about vaccination rollouts and a 14% fall in infection rates within the city this past week, residents of Salford continue to be urged to follow lockdown guidance.

In the Health Protection Board’s weekly report, Dr Muna Abdel Aziz, Director of Public Health, was clear about the need to stay at home, unless necessary: “Salford’s rates do not put the city in a strong position to relax restrictions. It is so important to continue to reduce all non-essential interactions as the virus is evolving while we are rolling out the vaccines.

To reinforce this message within the community, Buy Me Media deployed an ad van to circulate the streets, focussing on areas where the number of people mixing could be of concern. Parks, supermarkets and high-street hotspots, such as outside of coffee shops, were all identified as places to target along the van’s route.

We’re proud to be playing our part in the battle against the virus in our locality; as Dr Aziz says: “We understand that living through restrictions is incredibly hard and is affecting us all in different ways. We should remember that we are doing this to protect our loved ones, friends and colleagues.”

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