anthony Crolla Pulse Roll

Pulse Roll – Next generation vibrating foam rollers.

Founder Paul McCabe is a keen fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur who saw a demand and real need for a product that could improve recovery time from training and injury for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. His innovative idea would maximize new technology, be user-friendly, portable and would enhance existing recovery techniques.

Paul set out on a mission, consulting with many athletes and rehabilitation experts and thus, Pulseroll was created. An ingenious 4-speed vibrating foam roller that is the perfect tool for any athlete or fitness enthusiast.

The reaction to Pulseroll has been overwhelming, and Paul now spends his time visiting health and fitness expos internationally, working alongside a team of fitness professionals to bring the benefits of vibrating technology to a variety of customers across all demographics.

Pulseroll has seen incredible growth in the past few years, starting off as an online shop, it is now being distributed in a number of nationally recognized retailers and is used by professional athletes from professional boxers, cyclists, yoga enthusiasts golfers, rugby players, cricketers, athletics, rowers, the list goes on.

Buy Me Media consulted with Paul from the early stages to identify the markets the product would appeal to and benefit the users. Our team helped with the development of the brand, creating effective and unique marketing plans, helping with creative and establishing a brand identity, sharing extensive knowledge of the industry that it was aimed at and introducing new contacts to Pulseroll via traditional media, hands-on communications at source, referrals and introductions, digital advertising and social interaction. Nothing was overlooked to maximize awareness and grow sales.

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