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Programmatic Audio

So what is programmatic audio? 

Programmatic audio reaches those users specifically listening to audio through an internet connection & connected devices. They may be listening to their favourite radio station/radio app, perhaps streaming their own curated playlists or catching up on the latest podcasts. Buying audio programmatically allows us to combine the frame & reach of mass broadcast audio, with the granular targeting of digital.

How is it different? 

Programmatic audio is purchased based on a number of factors allowing you to implement a strong range of targeting options: age, gender, geo-location and interest/behavioural. Our platform is data-driven and doesn’t rely on a mass audience to deliver effective campaigns. Radio delivers fame, but at the cost of huge wastage, reaching an audience who have no relevance to your product/service.

Targeting & Execution 

Programmatic audio is delivered based on impression, proposals will be provided based on the following parameters:

  1. Budget
  2. Targeting
  3. Desired Platform

We typically ask our clients & agencies to plan a campaign with the following:

  • Target Demographic (Who are you looking to target? What do they look like and how old are they?)
  • Geo-Location (Providing the town/area you wish to target or we can be very specific with the initial postcode eg. OL2)
  • Gender (Are you targeting a largely male or female audience? or both?)
  • Interests (Are you targeting those with an interest in motors? music? food?)


17% of people who listen to online audio listen exclusively online, this increased to 30% in 15-24 year-olds. Three out of ever 10, 15-24 year-olds cannot be reached by traditional broadcast audio. Therefore have to be reached via other means, enter programmatic audio.


With all this in mind, we can create a marketing campaign that is innovative, effective and precise.


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