What Is Programmatic Audio?

Programmatic audio reaches those users specifically listening to audio through an internet connection & connected device.

They may be listening to their favourite radio station/radio app, perhaps streaming their own curated playlists or catching up on the latest podcasts.

Buying audio programmatically allows us to combine the fame & reach of mass broadcast audio, with the granular targeting of digital.

Reaching the connected Audience – Listening through a device connected to the internet to radio stations/podcasts/playlists & streaming services

How Programmatic Audio Is Different

Allowing campaign pre-planning, and targets only relevant audiences with key creative

Programmatic audio is purchased based on a number of factors – allowing you to implement a strong range of targeting options; Age, Gender, Geo-location and interest/behavioural.

Our platform is data-driven, and doesn’t rely on a mass audience to deliver effective campaigns.

Radio delivers fame, but at the cost of huge wastage, reaching an audience who have no relevance to your product/service.

Targeting and Execution

Programmatic audio is delivered based on impressions, proposals will be provided based on the following parameters:

1. Budget

2. Targeting

3. Desired Platform
(take the entire audience across all platforms, or buy based just on the platform you wish)

What we typically ask of our clients & Agencies to plan a campaign:


  • Target Demographic
    Who are you looking to target? What do they look like and how old are they?


  • Geo-Location
    Can either provide town/area level or we can go down to initial postcode level e.g. OL2
  • Gender
    Are you targeting a largely male or female audience? Exclude one gender or split to your needs (e.g. 70/30)


you targeting those with an interest in motors? Music? Food tastes? Let us know.

Targeting & Execution: Behavioural Examples

Three out of every 10 of 15-24 year olds cannot be reached by traditional broadcast audio. The ‘Generation Y’ audience consume the greatest amount of content, but are demanding of the quality of the content they digest, and often curate their own playlists or source podcasts.

Source: IAB UK 2018 – Listening Britain

Why Buy Me Media’s Programmatic Audio?

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