Black Friday

Prepare Your Business for Black Friday

Having generated over £7 million in online sales last year, the concept of Black Friday is an unmissable trend here at Buy Me Media. A weekend populated with discounted prices to increase e-commerce to the demand of customers, preparing a strategy isn’t always easy for many businesses that approach us.

In fact, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become such crucial calendar dates that we’re increasingly seeing many brands starting their sales early to prepare for the big cyber weekend. This is just one of the many ways that businesses embrace the Black Friday trend, but have you considered these other strategies?

Treat Your Website As A Shop Window This Black Friday

For e-commerce businesses, everything from web design to product copy is crucial here. Building up a Black Friday buzz should be apparent from the instant a customer enters your website home page. Remember that if you have sale going on, it’s very likely that your competitors do, so treat every customer visit to your website like you would a shop on the high street.

Speed Up The Process

Whilst every marketing agency will emphasise the importance of a fully-functional website before throwing in technical terms like bounce rate and behaviour flow, this has never been more important for the big cyber weekend. The last thing Black Friday customers want is a slow and jarring online experience, so prepare for this by analysing your web speed, loading times and server performance.

Use Social Media Wisely

Our client HPL Motors decided to start slashing their car prices early, but they promoted the message of ‘£1000 of hundreds of cars’, targeting first-time car buyers and returning customers through social media. With results soaring, Facebook videos and written blog copy has helped steer the campaign towards success, showing that preparation through social media can be key.

Maximise Your Copy

Whether it’s a Black Friday blog or inserting keywords on your website, increasing your SEO around the trend needs to be both effective and tailored to your brand. With the common agenda being to build up a heavy stream of traffic throughout the weekend, creating engaging, original copy with a strong call to action will ensure your business stands out.

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