london underground advertising

London Underground Advertising With Buy Me Media

At Buy Me Media, we know the vital importance of reaching as many people as possible with your brand, awareness is one sure way to create business. The London underground is the main source of transport around central and surrounding London, with up to 5 million passenger journeys across the network every day. Advertising on this highly populated platform will give you direct access to an audience that is outgoing, professional and talkative – an attractive target for any brand.

Advertising with Buy Me Media on the London Underground is a cost-effective way of targeting a usually very expensive audience (via TV Ads), which has a median salary 57% higher than the rest of the UK!


The Stats

Scientific Study ‘The Engagement Zone’ revealed that the London Underground advertising acts as a welcomed distraction from the day to day working life.

60% of London Underground users will notice when new ads appear on their journey and 65% feel that London Underground advertising isn’t as intrusive as other methods.

As well as paper advertising Buy Me Media can offer digital video displays, a powerful medium of advertising, with guaranteed results.

To find out how Buy Me Media can advertise your brand in one of the busiest spaces in the UK, get in touch today.