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With so many options out there, knowing how to advertise your brand in today’s market is a dilemma that is increasingly prevalent for many businesses.

Advertising is an integral method of promoting your businesses – but being able to stand out in a crowded market with less time to pay attention can be pivotal to knowing how to plan a successful advertising campaign.

Consider your daily routine. You wake up, and either check your phone for emails or social media, and you’ll undoubtedly see email campaigns or Facebook promotions. Turn on the TV, and unless you’re solely committed to watching BBC Breakfast, you’ll soon be watching ads. Before you even leave the house, you’re exposed to companies trying to sell you something at 7 in the morning. On the way to work, driving past a billboard or bus shelter advert is as common as passing a pedestrian, and even on your local radio station, there is a brand attempting to spread awareness of itself.

Now you’re probably thinking that it’s only gargantuan companies such as Amazon or Coca-Cola who have the budget to advertise daily to such a broad market, across a wide range of different platforms. Whilst this is an important factor in their marketing strategy, it’s wise to remember that Amazon isn’t selling a particular product (except Echo dots), but instead, it’s selling a convenient service. Coca-Cola on the other hand, is selling a taste, and a sense of satisfaction. You’re a small-to-medium sized business in Greater Manchester, so how do you compete with this? Everybody knows what Amazon, Coca-Cola and Mcdonalds are, but your prominence with customers doesn’t yet reach much further than local communities.

Here at Buy Me Media, we believe in a mixed-media approach to advertising your brand, having cemented strong relationships with suppliers of both traditional and digital media in the North West. Our advice is both professional and impartial, and our experienced team can offer you comprehensive advice on all aspects of the advertising paradigm.

The range of options out there for your business is showing no signs of slowing down either, with Britain ranking fourth in the world’s largest advertising markets. So where exactly is advertising thriving? Online advertising is a bit of a no-brainer, with digital formats driving the majority of adspend on internet and mobile advertising. However, that’s not to say more traditional formats such as print or radio are becoming dated and redundant. In fact, one of the many benefits of print is that advertisements can be suited to your ideal demographic. Wherever you want to reach your audience, the newspapers and publications we would recommend consider your requirements with a clear and coherent approach. Think of a beauty magazine which targets women over the age of 25, in which local salons, hair, makeup and skincare products dominate the commercial awareness.

Most importantly, it needs to be considered that a market strategy requires both time and patience. Social media, particularly Facebook, is a prime example of this, which is why we comprised a blog on the pros and cons of Facebook for business. Whilst the benefits of an online approach such as Google Adwords provides key audience analytics, it’s worth considering that to track progress, you’ll need a committed person to monitor your online presence and insights. With our affluence of experience, we can provide a campaign plan that delivers the results that will maximise the growth of your company. Planning ahead with a media agency is certainly a productive approach to promoting your business.

Our team can plan and prepare a media campaign that is tailored to your brand, so why wait?

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