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How do Out of Home and Online advertising compliment each other?

With many contemporary businesses opting for online and social media advertising as an integral focus of their marketing strategy as options continue to increase, it appears that older, more traditional models such as Out of Home, Radio, and Print are somewhat overlooked. Our latest blog explains how out of home and online advertising can, in fact, compliment each other.

However, results from our campaigns have proven that OOH is as, if not more effective as digital methods for an array of clients, prompting the Buy Me Media team to research how such success is achieved. After all, billboards once convinced people that smoking was acceptable, and the film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri that showed the power of OOH nearly went on to win Best Picture at The Oscars.

When you see an online building, a current consumer will instantly reach for their phones to find out more about the ad if it draws their attention. “Just google it” has become engraved into our terminology, and whilst brands such as Mcdonalds, Coca-Cola, and Apple are globally identified without having to google their products, the power of OOH means that your ad can quickly instigate a sense of interest.

Of course, online advertising remains the most popular choice for many businesses, and with as many mobiles as people, the online appeal is a no-brainer for marketers. Despite this, the perpetual presence of OOH means that your ad is more likely to be seen by your target demographic – whether it’s on a billboard, on the side of a bus, or even digitally presented in a thriving shopping centre.

Your next OOH campaign doesn’t need to convey everything there is to know about your brand, as the most successful campaigns are the ones that draw in the consumer, inciting them to want to know more. This is where online comes in, as your campaign can expand from a flashy creative to a search, followed by a lengthy scroll on your website to learn more about your product or services. In addition to this, an eye-catching campaign can prompt social media and online sharing of your ad, expanding its reach.

To summarise, OOH and online advertising both have their own individual benefits, but the two can integrate to compliment each other as results are maximised. Sounds good, right?

How do I integrate OOH and Online into my next campaign?

Buy Me Media clients have measured their success on the basis of a media mix, rather than investing time and money into one medium, whilst other possibilities are left unexplored. Our in-house team have a wealth of experience in delivering strategic OOH and online campaigns with both neutrality and transparency. Call us today to arrange a free consultation and advice on your next media campaign.

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