FREE Advice During COVID-19

Buy Me Media know that it is a worrying time for all and it has never been more important to keep an up to date audit on your business. So, here are some pointers and tips to help your business survive the current climate:

Assess, Monitor and Repeat Regularly 

Consider first your finances and allocate some budget for brand awareness if possible, don’t just stick your head in the sand and hope this will all work out. With a bit of work, you will get through this.
Take a look at your business does it have online opportunities, e-commerce, delivery options, live video, one to one helpdesks? Talk to us and we could help you tweak your website.
Is your website reliable and efficient? More and more people are working from home, self-isolating etc and your website could be key. Make sure you’re with a good web host provider, are you watching your analytics. Have you maximised it for SEO?
Do you have a Facebook page, social media presence that is free and therefore cost-effective? There’s a lot you can do on a small budget.

Stay at Home media could be the key

With more consumers having to self isolate, work from home or care for family members, try to embrace this and maximise reach.
As people stay indoors, media that reaches consumers in the home will be the most effective.

Switch your media don’t cancel it

Radio, Online, Social, Digital Audio (podcasts), online gaming and Tv platforms could help you get your business through these tough times. As advertisers cancel or put campaigns on hold media owners are working with us to offer deals and packages, it’s one of the best times to maximise value.
You’ll be surprised at how little you may need to spend.

Future proof yourself

Our experience in tough times is to try and maintain a brand presence,  (maybe your contingency budget you have set aside for a rainy day) or if you’re stopping your “out of home” campaigns then you can use it to switch to online etc. This will put you ahead of your competitors and increase market share and when the market picks back up you will in a prime position to maximise the demand.
Consumers will still buy online and with the luxury of time to be online to research your services and products. When we get through, there will be a demand for going out, socialising, travelling, spending and you will be at the front of their mind. This won’t last forever, events are being moved to July and onwards, that’s not a coincidence there is a light at the end of this tunnel and that’s where we think things will start to settle down again.

We are here to help

Pick up the phone to us here at Buy Me Media, we are here to help if we can and if nothing else can provide you with ideas and alternatives for your challenges and keep you going through it.
What have you got to lose it might just be the best 15 minutes you spend today 🙂