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Why it’s important to choose the right hair restoration clinic – the evidence you need.

Buy Me Media pride ourselves on working directly with an array of clients, implementing campaigns across a broad advertising spectrum. Those campaigns, our business and our clients all share one thing in common – results. We recently found devising a PR strategy to raise a brand’s profile resulted in a soaring increase in enquiries for our client Medical Hair Restoration Clinic (MHR Clinic), following a successful PR campaign surrounding top football ref Mark Clattenburg’s benchmark hair transplant.

The former Premier League referee explained that he was “delighted” with everything MHR Clinic stood for, recalling how its approach to work was ‘very professional and always on time’, its procedure was ‘straight-forward and comfortable’ and its service made him feel ‘relaxed and wanted’. He added: “It was also clear MHR Clinic was getting the best results for its clients,” something that can be seen from his and others hair transplant results through MHR Clinic.

Choosing the best hair restoration clinic

In the days following coverage of Mark’s hair restoration journey through MHR Clinic, the media found itself reporting on the demise of a lower calibre hair transplant company. It highlighted a raft of complaints from disgruntled clients of the clinic, which had gone into insolvency.

The collapse of the clinic has highlighted the importance of selecting your hair restoration clinic carefully. There is much more to consider than location when making a life-changing decision like hair restoration. Seeing results achieved for previous clients should be a priority for anyone considering a hair transplant, for example.

Clinics such as ‘MHR’ work continually to provide their clients with the highest quality approach money can buy, using only the latest technology, the best medications and the finest organic products to ensure that each of its clients obtains the best and most natural results.

And while the results of MHR Clinic’s surgery are guaranteed, its service ethos is geared to providing a fully client-focused, tailored hair restoration service before, during and after treatment.

To reaffirm MHR’s integrity, the payoff from a range of procedures for both males and females are available to view in advance on their website.

Following any recent unease that may have arisen in response to the bad publicity surrounding a UK based hair clinic, founder Craig Henton also announced he will offer free consultations to anyone dissatisfied with restoration results from other clinics, insisting a decision to receive treatment from MHR won’t be one that they regret.

He said: “‘MHR’ remains committed to offering competitive prices and ensuring its clients are delighted with the results of their procedure.”

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