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At Buy Me Media our team of media professionals can offer expert advice on the ever-increasing advertising options for your business. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the automotive, property, or retail industries, every business owner or marketing manager wants maximises results for their ad spend, and that’s why we believe radio advertising can provide a solution for your business.

Digital marketing such as social media, pay-per-click, and online advertising are often regarded as the go-to option, especially for businesses seeking out consumers of a 16-35 age demographic. Traditional media such as radio, TV, and print, on the other hand, have become secondary in an advertising schedule.

Whilst each of these options has their rewards, the team at Buy Me Media are impartial to all forms of media, which is why we recommend radio advertising for campaigns targeting a specific audience. Our comprehensive radio advertising service has proved to be effective with various clients, which is we’re here to help your business.

The benefits of radio advertising with Buy Me Media

A growing market – It may come as a surprise, but statistics show that radio advertising revenue has risen every year since 2011. In 2016, figures reached the £646 million mark, before soaring to over £667 million last year. A projected £685 million is forecast for 2018, reaffirming that advertising is still a considerably popular option. 

Standing out – A key USP for radio advertising is its ability to stand out. Radio listeners are often in the comforts of their car or home, and a friendly, or even funny voice on the radio will undoubtedly make sure your ad is remembered. Radio ads are frequently no longer than 30 seconds, so it’s important to get straight to the point promoting your product or service as a means to stand out from the crowd.

Loyal listeners – It goes without saying that there are a broad range of radio stations in the North West, but what’s more important is that each station has its own target audience. Every listener has their favourite stations, why is why tapping into a station with a retentive audience is a great opportunity for advertising.

Captures attention – Many listeners tune in to the radio for breaking news stories and information on weather, and current affairs, giving it an advantage over other forms of advertising. As the listener is already invested in the radio, it is significantly more likely that your campaign will maintain that sense of attention. Compare this to television ads, where many viewers use the ad break to aimlessly browse on their phones.

Relevant reach – Radio advertising has the unique ability to reach out to consumers in a specific time and place. Imagine this, you’re a local car dealership looking to shift sales on new cars, an impactful way to achieve engagement is to reach out to drivers in the morning rush hour, as a relevant campaign is much more likely to be responsive if strategically targeted.

What to do next? 

If radio advertising is something you have considered, give us a call and we will talk you through planning, producing, booking and monitoring a campaign that best suits your budget and business.

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