As regions across the country await tomorrow’s Government announcement regarding COVID tier statuses, Salford has reason to be optimistic about an easing of restrictions after seeing a 76% reduction in cases following the council’s efforts to engage the community in controlling the spread of the virus, which included a proactive and strategic advertising campaign. We are delighted to have helped in implementing an effective Out Of Home approach to messaging across the districts, drawing on the Buy Me Media team’s knowledge and contacts to maximise the public reach of vital guidance.

Transmission rates for COVID-19 in Salford are now just below the national average thanks to the collective efforts of locals, who have actively followed the rules surrounding social distancing and wearing face coverings. These were the basic, but imperative, measures that our campaign was designed to maintain awareness of.

We employed the use of a number of visual platforms to keep the guidelines prominent in the public’s eye. Advans navigated the streets, moblising the message via their digital billboards. Digital 48 sheets, and screens located in local leisure centres, secured high visibility.




Static formats such as 4 and 6 sheets were positioned in telephone kiosks, bus and tram stops, retaining a vigilant presence across the city. Over 4 million impacts were made through the visual branch of the advertising, reaching more than 48% of the community numerous times. Coupled with regular digital radio announcements, and online programmatics that targeted specific audiences, our Out Of Home communicated efficiently and extensively.

As a Greater Manchester business that has been affected by the coronavirus locally, the team were delighted to work alongside Salford Council, and see the encouraging results. We’re proud to be supporting campaigns so close to home.