Billboard advertising in Manchester with Buy Me Media

Why Billboard Advertising?

Billboard advertising is one of the most popular and traditional methods of Out of Home advertising, commonly referred to as OOH. We have delivered results-driven campaigns with clients in various different sectors, from SME’s to large companies, private to public sector. Our most recent work in the city centre of Manchester during the Olympic Parade.

What options do I have?

There are several options in terms of the size of billboard advertising, with 48 sheet adverts being the most common that we can provide. We can also provide up to 96 sheets to give a much bigger impact in some of the UK’s most premium locations and sites that have been selected based on targeted campaigns.

Our billboard campaigns take into account factors such as densely populated catchment areas, untapped markets and locations that maximise engagement with a large-scale audience.

What to do next?

Our team of expert media planning and buying professionals have the industry knowledge and experience, along with the right contacts to provide you with some of the best landmark sites available across the North West. Our strong relationship with some of the biggest media owners in the UK can get you fantastic deals on an array of rewarding sites.

Contact us today for a friendly, professional chat with our sales team to discuss how OOH can be the advertising option that generates results for your business.

Billboard adverts provide a variety of advertising media for you to target, such as:

48 Sheet Billboards

HD 48 Sheet Billboards


96 Sheet Billboards

HD 96 Sheet Billboards

Special Builds

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