‘Bang Out of Order’ is Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service’s (GMFRS) seasonal campaign for the weeks surrounding bonfire night this year. The aim is to tackle anti-social behaviour amongst teenagers and young adults in several key wards within the region.

With the brief outlined, our team at Buy Me Media set about planning a multi-platform media strategy, which would provide numerous touchpoints to create visibility for the campaign across the target areas, as well as throughout the the whole of Greater Manchester.

We decided that out-of-home (OOH) messaging would provide reach and unavoidable presence. Drawing on our collective local knowledge and OOH experience, we were able to identify key sites for various formats including digital billboards and an Ad van.

To complement GMFRS’s in-house social media campaign, and reinforce the message more explicitly within the target audience, we considered platforms that would allow us to deliver with more precision. Using programmatic advertising, we were able to tap into website and user data to build a strategy focussed on delivering to only specific age groups within the identified areas. The digital team built a deliberate structure that segmented the messaging into three tiers. The primary audience consisted of teenagers and young adults in the target wards, with a secondary, influencing audience made up of parents and guardians to reinforce the message. The final layer of delivery was intended to raise awareness amongst the public in all boroughs.

Our final tactic was to implement audio, which we were able to link to the programmatic campaign, so that those users who had seen an advert on a website, either through mobile or desktop, or even in-app, would be served the accompanying audio when they were next listening to a digital radio stream or podcast. The strategy behind this was to keep the presence of the messaging, even while users were away from their screens.

As the ‘Bang Out of Order’ campaign continues into next week, we have already seen positive engagement around the region. One of our selected DOOH sites, at Stockport’s Redrock leisure complex, even carried the message to a breakfast TV audience, creating extra exposure.

With the Fire Service’s message in mind, we hope you enjoy yourselves in a fun, but safe manner over this weekend.

For more information visit manchesterfire.gov.uk