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Buy Me Media has a great relationship with Talk Sport Radio, with the network reaching up to 3m people weekly, Talk Sport is the worlds largest sports radio station and the global audio partner of the Premier League. Talk Sport is the perfect platform for reaching the UKs sports fanatics.

Around 80% of talkSPORT listeners are male, and 57% of this collective fall under the ABC1 profile. More so, around half the listeners have a house-hold income of over £50,000.

Our expert team are here to create a bespoke airtime schedule that will meet the unique needs of your business. We will tailor plans to your specific needs and ensure all of your budget is used to optimise your advertising campaign.​

Buy Me Media can also asist and manage the production of your professional radio commerical, with over 20 years exerience of experience in radio advertising manchester, we know the most effective way to get your brands message across.

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If you are looking to reach a different audience, our specialist radio advertising services cover all commercial stations, including:

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