Advanced Website Analytics from BuyMeMedia

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Knowing your audience, and knowing what your audience wants. These two factors are critical to determining the success and effectiveness of your website.

What you will learn

Our advanced website analytics service will give you key insights into the context, habitual nature and demographics of your website traffic.

We’ll tell you who your website visitors are: Where they’re based, what they’re using to look at your website, which browser they’re in and what language they speak.

We’ll tell you what they’re doing on your website: How long they stay, how many and which pages they’re looking at, and which pages are creating the most friction and causing them to leave.

We’ll tell you when they’re on your website: By learning the time or day in the week your site is most popular, we can tell you when the best time to publish and schedule new content is.

We’ll tell you where they started to get to your website to begin with: Whether it was a search engine like Google, through a pay-per-click or display advertising campaign, a link from another website, or directly typed in your web address. We can even tell you the keywords people used in search to land on your site.

We’ll tell you how they interact with you site: We’ll assign goals and values to the most important, measurable things you website can do to prove ROI - Whether that’s generating leads through phone calls or monitoring data capture through form submissions. We’ll make it easy for you to see where your investment in digital is paying off.

We’ll help you map out your customer’s journey from discovery to purchase, with a rich map of information detailing acquisition, behaviour and conversion – and how your different marketing channels reinforce each other to become greater than the sum of their parts.

Want to know more about what we can do for you?

If you are interested in finding out more about our advanced website analytics system that our expert media team are able to offer, simply enter your details into the boxes below and get a free advertising audit from one of our media advertising specialists. The team at Buy Me Media can’t wait to hear from you soon!